Kyann Knight


“From Broken Dreams, Abuse and Hopelessness, Recording Artiste Formerly known as “Delicous” is back on
the music scene now as Kyann with a heart to build up and encourage women and youths across the nation
and the world.”


Born in 1986, Kyann Annika Knight grew up in a single parent home in Kingston, Jamaica. She recalls from as far
back as she could remember, music had always been her passion. It was the passing of her father at the age of 12,
which strengthened her resolve to go deeper into her pursuit of music. She wrote and sang songs to numb the pain
of her loss.

In 2003, Kyann finally decided it was time to fully pursue her musical ambition as dancehall artiste “Delicious”. She
recorded with producers such as Tony “CD” Kelly, Robert Livingston and Shane Brown and collaborated with
fellow Recording Artiste’s Vybz Kartel, Mad Cobra and Konshens. The songstress released songs which enjoyed
heavy radio rotation such as “let me go” produced by Christopher Burch on the Ghetto Blues Riddim, “Nuh Push It
Gyal” Produced by Rohan “Snow Cone” Fuller and “Joe Grind” with Kiprich. As a result of the success of “Joe
Grind” she was afforded opportunities to perform on many stages with co-worker Kiprich including “Reggae
Sumfest” and “Sting.”

Although her music career was picking up momentum and growing steadily, the songstress did not truly enjoy the
fruits of her labour as she still yearned for the love of her father. Looking for Love in all the wrong places…..for a
moment she thought she had found this in man but in short order saw herself in an abusive relationship and
pregnant. Being extremely ill during her pregnancy caused her to be off the music scene away from her musical
peers and desperately looking to a higher power for help. This sparked the start of a relationship in 2012 that
would change her life and music forever. As expressed by Kyann “God through Yeshua LOVED me to absolute life
and inspired me to DREAM again.”

In 2014, she entered critically acclaimed televised singing competition “Digicel Rising Stars.” She was a crowd
favorite and placed 7th out of thousands of contestants. “Call me by my name “KYANN” which means “little king” as
I have left delicious….her insecurity, her mistakes and failures in my past. I regret nothing as my experiences
pushed me into GOD’S arms and taught me invaluable lessons about life. I made a decision to start again from
scratch… with nothing and no one but GOD and my daughter.” She finally found the love, peace and security she had
been looking for in her creator.

After years away from the music scene, Kyann who is now a believer and mommy is back with songs TO INSPIRE,
TO BUILD UP and most of all to share the GREAT LOVE of her FADA GOD! Advocating for women, youths and
children across the nation.

In 2017, she teamed up with Producer and Musician Danny Browne of Main Street Records and released her
comeback single “GOD YU GOOD” which enjoyed massive airplay across the Caribbean and Diaspora. The start of
2018 saw her follow-up single release “YOU RUN THINGS” which did not disappoint and is picking up fame locally
and internationally. Her latest release “DOLLY BABY” was produced by Suku of Ward 21 …lyrics declaring and
reminding young girls and women of their worth to their creator.

Kyann is starting from the bottom up and is weekly in the streets of Kingston Jamaica introducing herself and her
music to the youths of the nation, taping each experience and sharing the Journey to her Dream on social media.
With a plethora of other singles to be released, Kyann hopes to postively impact the life of people through her
music, her faith and her story.