A true testimony to the awesome musical gifting which God has so selectively endowed a few of his saints can be found in iWorshipp. As one of the most diversely talented group of worshippers to grace us with their combined vocal ranges that mesh together in a perfect symphony of praise, iWorshipp remains a dynamic trio.

Brought together professionally in 2007 by their Big Brother, Jermaine Edwards at Island Worship Productions, Rhoda and Alicia, initially served as back ground vocalists, as God would have it. 2010 became a pivotal year when they were introduced to Gavin Hart; a young man surrendered and sold out unto the Lord. Together, a new synergy was formed. Humility is their hallmark, passion is their perfume, and love is what they live for. When asked how resolute and committed they were to the work of the Lord their remark was “we are prepared to die for this”.

iWorshipp recently released their debut album titled “Can’t Live Without You” which reflects their perception of Jesus Christ, their first love and the star of their show. With praise anthems such as “keeping Me Alive” ft Rondell Positive and “Rain Down” ft Jermaine Edwards, the group is already set for making a tremendous mark in the lives of the saints. The “kool kid” Gavin, the “humble lioness” Rhoda and the “fierce”Alicia are power packed, purified and poised for victory.