Judith Gayle

Judith Gayle, anointed psalmist singer and author, has been declaring the uncompromised word of God through divinely inspired songs, both locally and internationally. These inspiring and soul searching songs were birthed out of an intimate relationship with the Lord as he fashioned her into his likeness after saving her from a “comfortable”, yet empty life.

This versatile singer is no novice to the music industry; she was a well-established cabaret singer at world renown Breezes, Grand Lindo and Hedonism II hotels in Jamaica.

As a transformed woman, Judith Gayle refuses to settle for mediocrity and pretentiousness within the kingdom of God. She became a household name in Jamaica with her hit song, “Jesus is Alive,” and since then, has released five remarkable albums; The Sun Shines Again, Broken To Be Blessed, Designed To Worship, I Believe and her latest It’s Gonna Be Alright; which are strengthening and renewing hope in the hearts of thousands.

Judith Gayle has been travelling and ministering throughout the Caribbean, England, United States and Canada, where she is now a household name. You can never get tired of hearing this versatile psalmist and minister sing – Pastor Donnie McClurkin has dubbed her, the “Jamaica Whitney Houston”. In addition to her musical achievements Judith has written and published two books entitled “Preserving the Soul” and Broken To Be Blessed, Destined To Win. In August of 2013 she graduated from Canon University with a Bachelors of art in Theology, Judith is now an ordain minister of the gospel.