The Caribbean was introduced to Marq Johnson’s music in August 2015 when his debut single “Pulse Get
Weak” was released in Cayman, Trinidad and Jamaica. In May 2016, he released his self-titled debut E.P.
record compiling two (2) new singles, “Nah Sell Out” and “Rise Of A Resolute” with the debut single. The soft
release of the E.P. was first in Fort Lauderdale, Florida then in Jamaica, Trinidad, Cayman and New York. In
October 2016, he dropped another single, “God Yuh Good”, in Cayman, Trinidad, Costa Rica and Jamaica.
His biggest release to date, “Imago Dei”, the dancehall/Hispanic title track for his second annual Kingston
school tour, hit the airwaves in January 2018 and he earned the track title as his nickname. “New Jerusalem”
was released a few months soon after.

For four (4) years, Johnson worked with multi-award winning international Gospel recording Artiste, Kevin
Downswell, as his Logistics/Road Manager and later shared stage with him at several events, including three
(3) of his tours namely, “All The Way album launch island-wide tour in 2016 as well as Realignment Tour
chapters one (1) and two (2) in 2017 and 2018, respectively, all in Jamaica. Marq Johnson has also shared
stage with international sensations Kurt Carr, Jonathan Nelson, members of Israel Haughton’s “New Breed”
Charlin Neal, Criston Moore and Anna Golden, DJ Nicholas, Ashaala Shanae, Giel Branker and Sean Lypher,
all from the USA; Gates Praise and Positive from Trinidad; Isaiah Raymond from London, England and fellow
Jamaican headliners in the likes of Chevelle Franklyn, Jermaine Edwards, Junior Tucker, Jabez, Rondell
Positive, Latoya HD, Chozenn, Omari, D-Murphy and Jai Kingston. Marq Johnson has graced stages in the
USA, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. He has worked in studio with Jazz Pianist and television show talent
judge, Dennis “The Smashing Pianist” Rushton, International recording artiste Israel Houghton’s New Breed
Vocal Director, Charlin Neal, vocalist extraordinaire, Chevelle Franklyn, as well as producers in the likes of
Adrian Scarlett (Hitz Factory), Othniel Lewis (Ecclesia Entertainment), Jathniel Randall (Jazzy Kit Music) and
Wendell Lawrence (Spurr Empire).

His music is intended primarily for the teens of all nations, whose self-perception and life decisions he intends
to strategically and positively influence. He has performed on several school tours interacting with thousands
of teens across the island of Jamaica. His passion for teens is also evidenced by the opening of his youth charity
organisation in 2006 called FRUITFUL TREES, founded and led by him and his wife, Nicole.
Marq believes his life serves primarily to inspire the next generation of all nations to preserve the authenticity
of true humanity… i.e. true love for God, for self and for others.